Matthew Little

Matthew Little - Director

A University qualified Graphic Designer, Matthew has a great passion and understanding for Chiropractic. Having grown up with a health background, Matthew’s passion for sports and physical fitness led him to participate at a high level in a range of sporting endeavors.

It was while working as a busy Graphic Designer that Matthew found that due to the stress and strain placed on his body he suffered from chronic migraines. It was only when he consulted a Chiropractor that he was able to overcome his debilitating complaint.

Matthew’s understanding of the many benefits of Chiropractic, coupled with his expert design and marketing background, place him in the ideal position to manage Optimal Health Chiropractic and promote it’s results and success.

Using his design background, Matthew also helps other Chiropractors establish strong corporate identities and marketing tools. He works with Chiropractors throughout the UK, USA and Australia, creating and consulting on design, advertising and marketing specifically for the Chiropractic profession.